44 Cool Camping Things

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Camping is a great way to get back to nature, but there are certain little things that can make all the difference when you’re enjoying your trip. If you’re looking for some cool camping supplies, here are 44 of them!

A Cooler

If you’re going camping, then a cooler is a must-have. The first thing to consider is whether or not your cooler can hold all of the food and drink that you need to bring along with you. You should also make sure that the inside of the lid seals tightly so that there are no leaks when transporting it in a vehicle or on foot. Finally, it should be easy to carry around; some coolers come with handles while others don’t have any sort of handle at all!

A Camping Chair

A camping chair is a must-have for any camper. You can use it as a seat, or you can use it as a table to eat on, play cards, or just hang out and enjoy nature. If your dog likes to go camping with you (and why wouldn’t they?), then having an extra seat for them will make them happy too!

A good camping chair should be comfortable and sturdy enough that it won’t break when someone sits on it – especially if that someone weighs more than 200 pounds (like me). But most importantly: make sure the backrests are adjustable so everyone in your group can enjoy using them!

A Camping Table

A camping table is a must-have for any outdoor meal. Whether you’re eating, playing games or even working on your laptop, there are plenty of reasons why it’s great to have one around.

A camping table also makes setting up a tent or canopy easier because of its large surface area and stability. You can use it as an extra work space at night when the sun goes down and then move it back into storage during the day when it becomes too hot outside (or just take advantage of the extra space).

An Outdoor Shower

  • A portable outdoor shower is one of the best additions you can make to your camping gear. It’s great for washing off after a day of hiking or swimming, but it’s also handy for cleaning up before bedtime.
  • If you’re worried about privacy, don’t worry! Your tent provides plenty of shelter from prying eyes while you’re getting clean.

A Hammock

When you think of camping, you probably don’t picture yourself lounging in a hammock. But if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors and want to try something different, then a hammock is the perfect thing for your next trip.

A hammock is essentially just a piece of fabric stretched between two trees or poles that can hold your body weight while providing enough space underneath it for sleeping. They come in many shapes and sizes; some have built-in mosquito nets and rain covers while others are designed specifically for backpacking or hiking trips with minimal weight requirements. Hammocks are also excellent at keeping away pesky bugs because they allow air flow through them rather than forcing them into contact with your skin like sleeping bags do!

A Lantern and Flashlight

A lantern and flashlight are essential items for any camping trip. A lantern can be used for cooking, reading and other activities at night. It’s also great for providing light when you’re trying to find something in your tent or if you need to go outside at night.

A flashlight is helpful for walking around at night or finding things in the dark–and it’s also good if someone needs help getting up from bedtime (or worse). You can get a combination of both in one device, but if not then get both! You’ll want one that runs on batteries rather than solar power so that you don’t have trouble finding replacements when needed (and don’t forget extra batteries).

A Propane Grill or Stove

Propane grills are great for camping because they’re easy to use and clean. Propane stoves are even better, because they’re lightweight and can be used indoors or outdoors. The best part? They’re safe and easy to use!

An Air Mattress or Cot

An air mattress or cot can be a great addition to your camping gear. Not only does it make your sleeping experience more comfortable, but it’s also easy to store and inflate, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy their camping trip with the comforts of home.

  • Air mattresses are lightweight and easy to deflate, so they’re great for transporting back home after use. They’re also compact enough that you can store them easily in your car or RV when not in use.*
  • Some air mattresses come with built-in pumps (or even batteries) that allow you to inflate them quickly without having access to electricity; others require manual inflation by blowing into valves on each side of the mattress.*
  • You may find yourself using this item indoors as well–if there are no nearby hotels available during inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms or snowstorms, then this could be helpful since these types of emergencies often occur during summer vacations!

Solar-Powered Lights and Chargers

Solar-powered lights are a great way to keep your devices charged up while you’re out camping. They can be used for hiking and other outdoor activities, too! Solar panels collect energy from the sun, which is then stored in an internal battery that can be used to charge your phone or tablet at night. The best part? These lights are lightweight and easy to carry around–you won’t even notice them in your pack!

Here are some cool camping things to make your next trip an awesome experience

  • Make sure you have a good sleeping bag.
  • Make sure you have a good tent.
  • Make sure you have a good camp stove, because nothing ruins an outdoor cookout like having to use an open fire!
  • If it’s nighttime and your flashlight dies on you, that’s not going to be fun or safe at all! Be prepared with extra batteries (and don’t forget to check them before leaving home).
  • A comfortable camp chair is essential for relaxing after dinner or just hanging out around the campfire with friends and family members who are also enjoying their time outdoors together–but don’t forget about tables! You’ll need somewhere flat where everyone can set down their drinks without spilling them everywhere; otherwise it’ll just get messy fast when everyone starts drinking from plastic cups instead of glasses during those long summer nights spent under stars instead of city lights


There are many other cool things you can have on your next camping trip. The most important thing is to make sure that you have fun and enjoy yourself!

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